Celebrating the debut of “Ready or Not”

Celebrating the Debut of “Ready or Not” Irish Red Ale at The Drapers Arms, Bristol

At Tangent Brewing, we’re always thrilled to introduce new brews to our ever-growing family of craft beer enthusiasts. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited to announce the debut of our latest creation, “Ready or Not” Irish Red Ale, at The Drapers Arms on Monday, April 15th.

A Toast to Tradition and Innovation

Ready or Not” Irish Red Ale is our homage to the rich brewing tradition of Ireland, with a twist of Tangent creativity thrown in. Crafted with care and precision, this 4% A.B.V. ale strikes the perfect balance between malty sweetness and hoppy bitterness, creating a brew that’s both familiar and refreshingly unique.

A Rave Review

Already, “Ready or Not” has garnered praise from seasoned beer enthusiasts, including one Irish ale aficionado who described it as “Smithwick’s on steroids!” High praise indeed, and a testament to the bold flavours and exceptional quality of our latest creation.

Join Us for a Pint

Join us at The Drapers Arms on Monday, April 15th, as we raise our glasses to the debut of “Ready or Not” Irish Red Ale. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of traditional Irish ales or simply looking to expand your beer horizons, this is an event you won’t want to miss.

Life on a Tangent

At Tangent Brewing, we believe that life is all about embracing the unexpected and “Ready or Not” Irish Red Ale is a perfect embodiment of that philosophy. So come on down to The Drapers Arms, and let’s celebrate the debut of this exceptional brew together.

Cheers to tradition, innovation, and the wonderful world of Real Ale!

Ready or not on the Drapers tap list
First pint pulled at he Drapers
Head Brewer and faminly enjoying Ready or not at the Drapers
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