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The craft and process of making Beer

The craft of making beer.

Vegetarian and vegan friendly beer

What makes a craft beer vegetarian and vegan friendly?

Celebrating the debut of “Ready or Not”

Celebrating the Debut of "Ready or Not" Irish Red Ale at The Drapers Arms, Bristol.

On the Socials

Connect with Tangent Brewing Co. on our social channels. Subscribe, like and share!

The Tangent One!

Introducing Tangent One - A Hazy Heavily Hopped IPA from Tangent Brewing Co.

Bubble & Squeak limited edition NEIPA

Bubble and Squeak, a bold and flavourful, one-of-a-kind New England IPA.

Ready for Real Ale?

Introducing 'Ready or Not' Irish Red and 'Karma Citra' Pale Ale.

Tangent Brewing Co. Pre-Launch Event

An innovative brewery based in Bristol, creating delicious craft beers for you to enjoy.

Life on a Tangent

Embrace Life on a Tangent, explore the World of Tangent Brewing Co.

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