Vegetarian and vegan friendly beer

Vegetarian and vegan friendly beer

What makes a craft beer vegetarian or vegan friendly?

Craft beer, like many other consumables, can often contain ingredients that may not align with vegetarian or vegan diets. However, several factors contribute to making craft beer vegetarian and vegan-friendly:

Ingredients Selection

Traditional beer-making ingredients such as malted barley, hops, water, and yeast are all naturally vegetarian and vegan-friendly. Craft breweries often prioritise using these core ingredients without any animal-derived additives and Tangent Brewing Co. is no exception.

Clarifying Agents

Some beers undergo a process called fining to clarify the brew by removing suspended particles. In the past, substances like isinglass (derived from fish bladder), gelatin (derived from animal collagen), or egg whites were commonly used as fining agents. However, many craft breweries now opt for plant-based alternatives such as Irish moss (a type of seaweed), silica gel, or synthetic polymers to achieve clarity without animal products.

Adjuncts and Flavourings

While many craft breweries experiment with various adjuncts and flavourings to create unique brews, they often choose vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. For example, fruits, spices, herbs, and even coffee or chocolate can be added to beer without compromising its vegetarian or vegan status, but only if additives are plant-based.

Labelling and Transparency

Craft breweries increasingly recognise the importance of transparency in their ingredients and production processes. Many breweries now label their products explicitly as vegetarian or vegan-friendly to cater to consumers with dietary preferences or restrictions. Although, be sure to check the latest information on brewery websites as printed labels often change as breweries grow.

Brewery Practices

Apart from ingredients, the brewing process itself can impact the vegetarian or vegan status of beer. Craft breweries may implement dedicated equipment or procedures to prevent cross-contamination with animal-derived products during brewing and packaging.

By prioritising ingredient selection, utilising alternative clarifying agents, embracing plant-based adjuncts and flavourings, emphasising transparency in labelling, and implementing vegan-friendly brewery practices, craft breweries can ensure their beers are accessible and enjoyable for individuals following vegetarian or vegan diets.

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